Algorithmic-Trading in Action…

In this post, I will write and explain about what is really Algorithmic Trading and how it is being implemented by Engineering Investments House.


In addition, you could also watch below at the interesting video about an Algorithmic-Trading Robot in action. Many people, who have somehow heard about the new and advanced financial technology, which is called Algorithmic High Frequency Trading.

Although in the reality the financials markets are very vivid and unexpected we have developed an Algorithmic-Trading program, which runs 99% of the time without any professional trader, who is always monitoring and controlling it.

Normally, our advanced and a proven-track record Algorithmic-Trading program runs about 99% of the time without any intervention from the professional Forex trader.


At the below video you could see the advanced Algorithmic-Trading program in action…





It is based on earning money from the little differences among EUR/USD currency pair. As we have seen, EUR/USD pair is 1.26000 and later will be 1.26300 therefore the Algorithmic-Trading program earns money from buy at 1.26000 and sell at 1.26300, but it also sells on 1.26300 an extra quantity. In general, our Algorithmic-Trading program is normally trading on the both sides simultaneously !


As you have read in the Great Secret of the Rich , and then you understand how much it is important that you could gain much more than the real inflation, just by contact us for a High Gain Forex Managed Account.

Forex Algorithmic Trading Can Deliver High Return on Investment with very Low Risk

FOReign Exchange market (FOREX) is without doubt part of the solution to raising the levels of capital that thriving businesses need, and it has exciting prospects for investors.

High Frequency Trading Robots in foreign exchange takes advantage of tiny spreads in markets multiplied over huge volumes. The levels of compounded interest that can be achieved are much more rewarding, and this is a big advantage in the long-term low-interest economic environment that we face today.


Trends in recent years show an exponential rise in computer-based FOREX trading, in fact it already accounts for one-third of transactions in the UK and two-thirds in the USA. It has also been regularly cited as one of the contributory factors in the financial crashes of modern times, and so it is right to respond to all the potential risks as we design investment programs for the future. We believe that financial futures markets do not have to be so renowned for high levels of volatility, but instead systems must be deliberately designed to prevent it. This is also the motivation behind the governments Foresight research programme into computer-based financial trading, which sees the critically important contribution that these markets make to funding industry, as well as the need to build in controls and responsibility to create more reliable financial markets.


At Engineering Investments , we work in the unbelievably fast-paced environment of foreign exchange trading (FOREX). Its a world of notoriously unstable markets, and yet the FOREX financial market also delivers the kind of profits that our economy needs to thrive. Algorithmic-trading is part of the solution for todays complex economic and financial needs, where there is equal attention to risk as to profit. You can run your own computer-controlled trading account without commission, which has the potential to vastly outstrip the returns from other types of investments at low-interest rates.

Our investment programs have been designed by experts in statistics, software engineering and FOREX trading. We understand the huge risks that are potentially involved in very high frequency trading, which can turn profit to loss in fractions of a second. We have joined these three areas of ability to design a computer controlled investment program that minimizes risk without compromising responsible profits.


Algorithmic-Trading runs computer-based FOREX accounts that can be controlled by the customer, very much in keeping with todays ethos of low-cost, high-tech banking and investment. This market is no longer the preserve of specialist futures traders; you can open your own account with us and start building the kind of high gain investment that puts more traditional options in the shade. Algorithmic-trading computer programs enable us to lead the field in foreign exchange trading that offers the levels of capital needed by growing industries. All our futures depend on thriving businesses that can invest when and how they need too. We are part of a new trading environment that understands the necessity of this, and we have the expertise and integrity to design systems that stand up to market surveillance and safeguards to protect businesses and investors.